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Betsy Levy Paluck Joins Starling’s Advisory Team

26th May, 2021

Starling announced today the appointment of Professor Betsy Levy Paluck to its prestigious academic and scientific advisory board. She joins fellow Starling advisors: Nicholas Christakis…

The Starling Compendium: Culture & Conduct Risk in the Banking Sector

24th May, 2021

Starling is pleased to offer the fourth edition in its annual Compendium series: a comprehensive report detailing the priorities and activities of bank regulators regarding…

‘Predict & Prevent’ replaces ‘Detect & Correct’ in Conduct Risk Management

20th May, 2021

Starling has released its 4th annual Compendium — a white paper summarizing global trends in the management and supervision of culture and conduct-related risks in…

Starling’s 2021 Compendium launches today

17th May, 2021

Starling’s 2021 Compendium launches today! This annual must-read sees a decade of regulatory reform ahead, aimed at improved management of culture and conduct related risks…

Starling’s 2021 Compendium is coming next week

14th May, 2021

Starling’s 2021 Compendium will be available next week. This annual report on regulatory activities and priorities regarding Culture and Conduct Supervision in the Banking Sector…

Culture & Conduct Risk Management: New Trends in Singapore

24th Mar, 2021

Image credit In recent years, the Monetary Authority of Singapore has placed greater emphasis on firm culture in the context of its supervisory agenda, has…

Asia’s Opportunity for Global RegTech Leadership

20th Jan, 2021

Hong Kong, Singapore and Tokyo each have an opportunity to demonstrate global leadership in the fast-growing RegTech sector, according to a panel of experts assembled…

Corporate Governance, Risk Management & RegTech: Trends across Asia

15th Jan, 2021

Logo from Asia Society Hong Kong Centre On January 14th, the Asia Society Hong Kong Center (ASHK) and US regtech pioneer Starling led an online…

Starling Advisor, Gary Cohn, named Vice-Chairman of IBM

6th Jan, 2021

We are delighted to see that IBM has appointed our advisor, Gary D. Cohn, a former Goldman Sachs executive and chief economic adviser to the…

Psychological safety, emotional intelligence, and leadership in a time of flux

23rd Dec, 2020

Uncertainty, coupled with the new remote-work environment in many companies triggered by the Covid-19 pandemic, has created an entirely new set of challenges for organizations…

Diversity without inclusion: the role for psychological safety

22nd Dec, 2020

Building a fearless, inclusive organization that realizes the benefits of diversity through greater inclusion and belonging, is the most important goal for any leader today…

Starling’s Stephen Scott interviewed for BFO podcast

21st Dec, 2020

Photo credit Australia’s Banking & Finance Oath (The BFO) Young Ambassador project has produced a podcast series, featuring interviews with senior members of the banking…

Harvard Professor Amy C. Edmondson joins Starling’s Academic Advisory Board

16th Dec, 2020

Starling, a globally recognized Regtech pioneer, has announced the appointment of Professor Amy C. Edmondson to its Academic Advisory Board. Professor Edmondson is the Novartis…

The only thing to fear is unproductive fear

14th Dec, 2020

Photo credit Much of the fear that often characterizes a workplace may be categorized as irrational, Harvard’s Amy Edmondson observes. The distinction between productive and…

Former Director of FINCEN James H. Freis Jr. joins Starling Risk Governance Advisory Board

3rd Dec, 2020

Washington, DC – Starling, a globally recognized RegTech pioneer, has announced the appointment of James H. Freis, Jr. to its Risk & Governance Advisory Board…

Nicholas Christakis on the Covid pandemic

2nd Dec, 2020

Photo credit Starling Advisor and Yale scholar, Nicholas Christakis, appeared recently on Sam Harris’ Making Sense podcast. Christakis discussed the Covid-19 pandemic and covered numerous…

Firms run by ‘demanding from top down’ more likely to fail, says Ex-wirecard CEO

21st Oct, 2020

Image credit James Freis, the former US regulatory official tasked with running e-payments giant Wirecard as it collapsed over the summer, warned an audience of…

Designing human-machine collaboration for a better future of work

8th Sep, 2020

Realizing the full potential of AI in the Future of Work will require us to shift from a focus on automating manual tasks to adopting…

The invisible co-worker

12th Aug, 2020

Mark Cooke, a Starling advisor, recently authored a post on how the Covid-19 pandemic is changing the way we work. In it, he observes a…

US FDIC names five new members to its Systemic Resolution Advisory Committee

24th Jul, 2020

We are delighted to note that Starling advisor, Gary Cohn, has been named to the Systemic Resolution Advisory Committee (SRAC) of the US Federal Deposit…

What's next: post-covid pitchforks

9th Jul, 2020

There is increasing attention to bank fraud risk amidst Covid-19. “A crisis is like the fog of war,” said Starling Advisor Thomas Curry. “Banks redirect…

The human network | City Journal

10th Jun, 2020

Image credit Can you “catch” behavior in the same way you would catch a virus? In 2013, social scientists Rose McDermott, James Fowler, and Starling…

Institutional innovation report | Aspen Digital

5th Jun, 2020

Aspen Digital recently released a new report, Redefining the Workscape Bringing Value and Values to Machine-Human Collaboration. The report summarizes a two-day Roundtable discussion in…