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OECD Launches 2021 Report on AI in Finance

16th Sep, 2021

The 2021 OECD Business and Finance Outlook Report launches on September 24th.  Registration for a related virtual event is now open, and we are very pleased that Starling Founder and CEO, Stephen Scott, has been asked to speak on a panel that will focus on the use of AI in Business and Finance.

The panel will explore the tremendous potential, and corresponding challenges, that follow from the ever increasing adoption of of artificial intelligence (AI) applications in business and finance. The 2021 Business and Finance Outlook report highlights many of the ways in which AI is transforming market structures, business models, and corporate behavior, and takes aim at key policy implications in finance, competition, responsible business conduct, and security concerns.

Panelists will also discuss the supervisory technology ('suptech’) and regulatory technology (‘regtech’) tools that can help to ensure internal risk governance and regulatory oversight among firms in the industry. Register for the event here.