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Starling Trust Founder Stephen Scott Featured on Spiique Up Podcast

29th Oct, 2021

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The launch episode of Spiique Up podcast features Starling Trust founder Stephen Scott. Stephen’s studies in behavioural science led to a 30-year career conducting investigations on the ground in 50 countries. During this time Stephen saw the same thing happen over and over again: people who made bad decisions / bad actions felt they had no choice in doing otherwise. People thought they had to go along to get along.

This was a predictable pattern that got Stephen thinking about how to spot patterns in data proactively. And Starling Trust was born. Stephen shares his career journey, the founding of Starling Trust, and his views on alignment being centered around complementary actions, the importance of creating cultures of candor and how leadership is not about you, but about the people, you lead.

Listen to the episode here or search 'Spiique Up' on your preferred podcast platform.