Don’t solve problems
Prevent them.

By sifting the actionable insights waiting within standard company data sets, our Precision Management platform empowers leaders to optimize performance and minimize risk.

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When more-of-the-same
is not-good-enough

As Einstein quipped, "Intellectuals solve problems - geniuses prevent them.” When you can’t afford to be blind-sided by mission critical performance failures, Starling's Predictive Behavioral Analytics platform puts you on the front-foot, so you can lead with the confidence that comes from foresight.

AI =
Alternative Intelligence

Starling marries behavioral science and AI to uncover the invisible team dynamics that drive organizational outcomes — allowing you to identify leading indicators of trouble and to spot where management intervention is likely to achieve success. By distilling critical data-driven insights from the everyday interactions that define operational reality, Starling equips you to promote desired performance proactively, and to demonstrate a forward-looking risk management capability.