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Starling's Stephen Scott Appears on the IIF's Global Regulatory Update Podcast

17th Aug, 2022

Recently, Starling Founder and CEO Stephen Scott was featured on The Institute of International Finance's Global Regulatory Update (GRU) Podcast, hosted by IIF Deputy Director of Regulatory Affairs Matthew Ekberg.

During the episode, Stephen shares key takeaways from our 2022 Compendium on Culture and Conduct Risk in the Banking Sector.

The conversation covers a variety of topics and trends for corporate governance and compares the findings of the 2022 Compendium to past years. This promotes analysis on issues of growing importance, from financial integrity and stability concerns to the evolution of personal responsibility and "tone from the top".

"Behavioral science shows that behavior is really a bottom-up phenomenon." Scott says. "We watch what our peers do, and, by and large, we mimic what we see our peers doing."

Learn more about the podcast and listen to the full episode at the link below. 

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