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Starling Trust Founder Stephen Scott Featured on the IIF's Finance Regulation Technology Podcast

19th May, 2022

Don't miss hearing from Ho Hern Shin, Deputy Managing Director for Financial Supervision at the Monetary Authority of Singapore, joining Starling Founder and CEO Stephen Scott on the IIF's Finance Regulation Technology podcast, hosted by Conan French, Director of Digital Finance at the IIF. 

The episode focuses on culture and conduct risk management and supervision.

"Organizational culture is that intangible thing that aligns each employee’s attitudes and behaviors to corporate values," Hern Shin Says. "More than abiding by policies and rules, employees often choose to do what is acceptable in the eyes of their bosses and their colleagues."

Also discussed is a link between financial sector integrity and national security concerns, as a result of the sanctions levied against Russian banks, firms, government officials, and oligarchs.

"The integrity of the financial system around organizational culture, the actions of its people and how they impact all the stakeholders of the financial system has gone from being something that only prudential regulators must think about, and it’s now moved to being a national security consideration," Stephen argues. "The sanctions regime that’s been put in place vis-a-vis the war in Ukraine makes it mandatory that whole populations can count on their financial sector to play the right role."

You can read more about these topics, and more, in Starling's 2022 Compendium, which is available for download here.

Listen to the episode here, or download the transcript by clicking here