Precision Management

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We equip leaders with predictive intelligence capabilities for their mission critical performance interests. Starling's Alternative Intelligence tools allow you to discover opportunities before they’re missed, and to learn about problems before they arrive.

Our customers are tired of being blindsided by performance failures they shouldn’t have suffered and couldn’t foresee. Tired of managing from the back-foot. They’re not interested in embarrassed post-mortems or grand plans for the future. They want the ability to peer around corners now.

An applied behavioral sciences company, Starling offers visibility into the hidden relational dynamics among employees that may impede optimal performance or create unseen risks.  Why settle for more of the same?  Enough with wishful HR-solutions and demoralizing surveillance tools.  For those who can’t afford to be blindsided by performance failures, our Predictive Behavioral Analytics platform provides Real-time Operational Insights (ROI) — so you can lead with confidence.

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