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Siew Kai Choy joins Starling Advisory Board

9th Jan, 2020

Starling, an applied behavioral sciences technology company, has announced the appointment of Siew Kai Choy, former Managing Director of GIC Private Limited (the Singapore sovereign wealth fund), to its newly established Risk & Governance Advisory Board. 

With more than 30 years in investment management, Siew Kai Choy retired from GIC after 20 years of service. At GIC he served as head of Enterprise Data & Analytics and held key leadership positions in Governance, Risk & Performance Management, Equities, and with GIC Innovation Labs. He was also a member of the Corporate Management Committee and Group Risk Committee. In his earlier career, Siew Kai had the start-up experience of building from scratch all the functions of a boutique fund management company and leading change initiatives in one of the largest South East Asian banks.  

“In traditional financial institutions, we tend to throw away a lot of data that might be useful,” Siew Kai observed. “Yet Starling has demonstrated that it is possible to distill signal from standard company data sets that tie to critical company performance outcomes – including risk and governance related outcomes that are of key concern to boards and shareholders. While this has immediate application in the finance sector,” he added, “Starling’s analytic tools and data-driven risk metrics are sure to be of interest to anyone looking to better manage non-financial risk – and to demonstrate that ability to supervisors, investors, and insurers. I’m excited to advise Starling’s leadership as it brings these tools to a broader market.”

“There are few who possess the depth and breadth of experience that Siew Kai brings to Starling regarding matters so central to our long-term mission and vision,” said Starling founder & CEO Stephen Scott. “Sovereign and large institutional investors are placing greater emphasis on ESG concerns as they evaluate their holdings. While environmental and social concerns may win most press attention,” Scott added, “it is the governance piece that’s of perhaps greatest concern to these investors. Starling’s analytical tools produce metrics of relevance to this audience, and Siew Kai is uniquely well-placed to help us to better appreciate and serve their needs. We’re privileged to have his counsel.” 

About Siew Kai Choy

Siew Kai’s investment management experience and contributions to GIC spans across enterprise risk & performance management, investment technology/data science, shareholder proxy voting, asset owner stewardship/governance, operations (asset class COO equivalent level), asset class allocation/ rebalancing/ completion management, equities portfolio management, trading, and securities lending.  

Siew Kai currently acts as an independent investor in, and advisor to, listed and private companies and funds located in Singapore, California, United Kingdom, Netherlands and Estonia and operating in Banking, Fintech, Medtech, Blockchain, Cybersecurity and multi-industry Deep-Tech. He will also be transitioning in 2020 into a Board role in a US$10bn+ market cap NYSE listed company. He has a deep interest on the impact of the 4th Industrial Revolution (especially cyber-physical/bio/social systems) on industries, business models and jobs. 

Siew Kai is currently a Distinguished Careers Institute Fellow at Stanford University. He holds a BSc in Computer Science and Management Science (joint honors) and has attended the Wharton School’s Advanced Management Program for Senior Executives. He has a long-time commitment to working with church and community organizations at the national and local levels.

About Starling

Starling is an applied behavioral sciences company using machine learning and network science to build what it calls “augmented management intelligence” tools. Its predictive behavioral analytics technology reveals the performance impact of relational trust dynamics within organizations and generates actionable insights, displayed through intuitive and customizable dashboards, enabling business leaders to drive improved performance and desired culture – and to identify and mitigate behavior-related risks before they cascade into crises.  

Starling is guided by a Scientific & Academic Advisory Board that includes John Seely Brown “JSB,” (former director of the Xerox PARC Research Lab), Thomas Malone (director of MIT’s Center for Collective Intelligence), Nicholas Christakis (director of Yale’s Human Nature Lab), and Karen Cook (director of Stanford’s Institute for Research in the Social Sciences). Senior Regulatory Advisors to the company include Martin Wheatley (former CEO, UK Financial Conduct Authority and Hong Kong Securities & Investments Commission) and Rick Ketchum (former CEO, US Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), head of regulation at the NYSE, and President of NASDAQ).