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Institutional innovation report | Aspen Digital

5th Jun, 2020

Aspen Digital recently released a new report, Redefining the Workscape Bringing Value and Values to Machine-Human Collaboration.  The report summarizes a two-day Roundtable discussion in which Starling founder & CEO Stephen Scott participated last summer. It features discussions on the future of work, with a focus on business structures and leadership strategies that can help organizations leverage the opportunities presented by new technologies.

As Stephen emphasized during the Aspen Roundtable discussion, “networks of trust” within an organization work to cultivate a sense of belonging and community, to foster camaraderie and collaboration, and to engage people in a shared sense of purpose and a common corporate culture.  Such trust networks are an over-looked and critical company asset.

Rather than the current reliance upon complex technology-based risk management systems that operate at multiple “layers of defense” across broad geographies and distributed teams, Starling emphasizes that behavioral science, organizational network analytics and machine learning combine to allow managers to map and measure the “social capital” at work in their firms, and to harness that to serve improved performance and risk management goals.

To learn more about these and other ideas explored by the distinguished Aspen Digital Roundtable participants,

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