April 2021

Culture & Conduct Risk in the Banking Sector

Why it matters and what regulators are doing to address it


  • Preamble
    • Andy Haldane (Bank of England chief economist) on social capital
  • Interviews
    • Brian Brooks (US OCC) - the role of tech in supervision
    • Shee Tse Koon (Singapore bankers Culture & Conduct Steering Group) 
    • Kathy Matsui (ex-Goldman Japan) - ‘womenomics’
    • Chris Woolard (UK FCA) - ‘outcomes based regulation’
  • In Focus
    • Stuart Bingham (APRA) - GCRA priorities since post-Hayne Commission
    • Alison Cottrell (UK BSB) - organisational resilience and banking culture
    • Jonathan Davidson (UK FCA) - supervisory interests in corporate purpose
    • Rob Everett (New Zealand FMA) – new directions in supervising culture and conduct risks
    • Michael Held (NY Fed) – the lawyer’s role in bank culture reform
    • Motonobu Matsuo (Japan SESC) – governance, stewardship and Japan’s ‘digitalization’ agenda
    • Ho Hern Shin (MAS) - restoring trust and integrity in banking through technology
    • Kershia Singh (FSCA) - South Africa’s culture and conduct reform journey to date
    • Chris Whitehead (FINSIA) - professionalization of the Australian banking sector
  • Our View
    • John Seely Brown (former head, Xerox PARC) - ‘Wicked Problems’
    • Amy Edmondson (Harvard Business School) - Psychological Safety
    • James Freis (former Director, FinCEN) - Lessons Learned at Wirecard
  • The Academy
    • Tom Reader (London School of Economics) - measuring culture and conduct risk
    • Christina Skinner (Wharton) - misconduct as a systemic risk
    • Damon Centola (University of Pennsylvania) - complex behavioral contagion

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