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Starling talks with Mark Cooke and Simon Wills of ORX on the Future of Operational Risk Management

by Mark Cooke
Operational risk management failures continue to cost the banking industry billions and risk managers are looking for new tools that help to curb costs and avoid penalties.  ORX represents operational risk leaders among 100 financial institutions worldwide.  Its members report that solutions for the management of “conduct risk” is now a priority.

Simon Wills is Executive Director of ORX.  Mark Cooke is the organization’s recent past-Chairman and served as global head of operational risk for HSBC. We sat down with them to discuss the future of non-financial risk management and captured key take-aways in this 3-minute video clip.

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MARK COOKE is former Group Head of Operational Risk at HSBC and former Chairman of ORX, now serving on the Risk & Governance Advisory Board at Starling.