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Trust Matters

15th Mar, 2019

As Andy Haldane, chief economist at the Bank of England, has said: "Finance is built on trust. It is based on promises about tomorrow, often…

Banking and the Conduct Risk Conundrum: What is the Solution?

1st Mar, 2019

Conduct-driven scandals continue to plague the banking sector, despite punitive fines in excess of $345 billion since the Financial Crisis, and attendant public outrage. Extensive…

Culture as Contagion

13th Feb, 2019

With the Hayne Royal Commission having issued its final report, executives across the Australian financial sector are asking how to correct the circumstances that led…

Risk Governance and the Politics of Rage

1st Nov, 2018

At a time of broad discord, the world has a welcome cause to come together in celebration. With the signing of the Armistice in 1918…

A Copernican Revolution in Culture and Conduct Risk Management

2nd Aug, 2018

Despite punitive regulatory fines levied against banks over the last decade, which are estimated to exceed $320 billion, conduct-driven scandals continue to plague the industry…

Starling Op-Ed featured on Fox Business News

17th May, 2017

An Op-Ed co-written by Rick Ketchum, former CEO of FINRA and a Starling Advisor along with Stephen Scott, Starling’s Founder and CEO appeared on the…

Wells Fargo: What Drives Toxic Corporate Culture

29th Sep, 2016

“There was no incentive to do bad things.” With this short statement, Wells Fargo WFC -0.38% CEO John Stumpf summed up the central problem with…

Wells Fargo Shows Standards Don’t Matter if Company Culture is Broken

21st Sep, 2016

Seated at the witness table of the Senate Banking Committee, Wells Fargo CEO John Stumpf found himself in a place no bank CEO ever wants…

Obsessing About Rules Won’t Improve Culture

23rd Dec, 2015

Stephen J. Scott and Jeffrey Kupfer Image Credit The topic of culture filled the late-summer headlines following a New York Times piece critical of the…