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Trust Matters

26th Apr, 2021

In a piece prepared for our 2018 Compendium, Starling advisor Karen Cook and Starling CEO Stephen Scott discussed why trust matters to the full functioning…

Psychological Safety in the Hybrid Workspace

23rd Apr, 2021

Starling advisor and Harvard Business School Professor, Amy Edmondson, recently co-authored an article for Harvard Business Review on psychological safety in a ‘hybrid’ workplace. The…

Unlocking Diversity's Promise

9th Apr, 2021

In a recent piece, Starling advisor Amy Edmondson and Starling CEO Stephen Scott discussed how physiological safety, trust and inclusion impact diversity efforts. They say…

Starling Advisor James Freis on Lessons Learned at Wirecard

9th Feb, 2021

Starling Advisor's James Freis was pleased to join Wirecard, where he hoped to help lead the company in promising new directions. Due to join the…

Amy Edmondson: A Time for Trust

8th Feb, 2021

Our advisor, Harvard’s Amy Edmondson, recently contributed to an article on MIT Sloan, in which she highlights issues around leadership and public trust. Given the…

Banks Must Adopt Predictive Technologies to Manage Misconduct Risks

25th Jan, 2021

A failure to manage financial risks among banks triggered the 2008 Financial Crisis, costing Americans more than $10 trillion. The next crisis may well follow…

Starling talks with Mark Cooke and Simon Wills of ORX on the Future of Operational Risk Management

20th Oct, 2020

Operational risk management failures continue to cost the banking industry billions and risk managers are looking for new tools that help to curb costs and…

GCRA: Acting the Part

18th Sep, 2020

Australians are asking why it should take Royal Commissions, withering media reports, shareholder activism and litigation before boards and senior leaders recognise that issues of…

Three Lines of Defense: Failed Promises & What Comes Next

21st Aug, 2020

The financial industry trade group for operational risk leaders, ORX, recently reported a sharp decline in non-financial risk related loss incidents, based on reporting by…

Culture Audits: Removing the Blindfold

3rd Aug, 2020

Leaders along all Three Lines of Defence are being held personally accountable for misconduct that takes place on their watch. To avoid individual liability, they…

The New Normal: Conduct Risk & Personal Accountability

20th Jul, 2020

On April 30th, 2020, Starling released its 3rd annual Compendium, a report on global regulatory activities aimed at promoting improved culture and conduct in the…

The Coronavirus Crisis is Increasing the Risk of Bank Fraud. Here’s How Banks Can Play Defense

7th Jul, 2020

Banks have enjoyed something of an unlooked-for reprieve during the COVID-19 crisis. Over the last decade, the industry was subject to increased regulatory scrutiny and…

Our View: Superminds & Supervision

20th Apr, 2020

When asked by the media why anyone would risk their career by engaging in the misconduct chronicled at Wells Fargo, former CEO John Stumpf voiced…

Further On Up the Road

1st Apr, 2020

Those old enough to recall the collapse of the Soviet Union will remember how time seemed to accelerate, as established truths toppled like dominoes. Addressing…

Now More Than Ever: The Need for Reliable Conduct Risk Metrics

20th Mar, 2020

In a recent Regulation Asia post, Starling CEO Stephen Scott discussed how the demands being imposed on the global banking system highlight the Achilles Heel…

Regulatory Trends: Behavioural Science in Culture & Conduct Supervision

15th Aug, 2019

Regulators are adopting behavioural science tools pioneered by the Dutch central bank in their supervisory efforts, and firms are taking notice, says Stephen Scott at…

Starling on the SEACEN Centre Podcast

24th Jun, 2019

Image Credit Recently, Glenn Tasky, SEACEN’s Director of Financial Stability and Supervision / Payment and Settlement Systems, interviewed Stephen Scott and Jeff Kupfer of Starling…

Singapore: Progressing the Culture and Conduct Risk Agenda

13th Jun, 2019

MAS is equipping itself with advanced tools that will allow for culture and conduct to be evaluated in a more systematic way, say Jeff Kupfer…

Starling Presents at Berle XI: Law and Corporate Culture

22nd May, 2019

CEO Stephen Scott was invited to present Starling’s ideas on “Trust & Technology: a New Paradigm for Culture & Conduct Risk Management,” at the 11th…

Hong Kong: An Ecosystem Approach to Bank Culture Reform | Regulation Asia

22nd May, 2019

The HKMA is addressing culture and conduct risk by learning from other markets, engaging with other regulators, and exploring new technology, say Jeff Kupfer and…

Australia: Banking Misconduct + RegTech | Regulation Asia

9th May, 2019

Starling’s own Jeff Kupfer and Stephen Scott say that Australia may emerge as a world-leader in RegTech adoption as a remedy to banking culture and…

Culture & Conduct: the Global Regulatory Agenda | Regulation Asia

30th Apr, 2019

The UK FCA has been a definitive leader in driving the global supervisory agenda in relation to culture and conduct risk, say Jeff Kupfer and…

Trust Matters

15th Mar, 2019

As Andy Haldane, chief economist at the Bank of England, has said: "Finance is built on trust. It is based on promises about tomorrow, often…