Regulators are asking critical questions as the phenomenal pace of advances in RegTech continues. As firms and regulators adopt more AI-based tools, it is clear that more attention will need to be placed on the topic of transparency. This article from the South China Morning Post describes how regulators are focusing on these types of questions as the technology begins to enter the mainstream. As AI-based take on more decisions in the bank, there will be many cases where it will be critical for bankers and regulators to understand how that decision was made.

Starling has long recognized that as AI becomes integrated into Fintech and Regtech applications it will be critical to work closely with regulators to educate and share real world experiences. It is for this reason that Starling has actively cultivated relationships with regulators across the globe.

In the spirit of education, Starling has been invited by the Hong Kong Montetary Authority (HKMA) to speak at a seminar this coming November on the subject of AI applications in Risk Management and Performance Optimisation. Starling’s Founder and CEO, Stephen Scott, will be joined by Mirea Raaijmakers, the Global Head of Behavioral Risk at ING to speak about practical examples of the application of behavioral science and RegTech tools in the context of improving bank governance and supervision.

We hope to see you there!

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