The 2020 Starling “Compendium” is coming soon!  This annual report on regulatory activities and priorities regarding Culture and Conduct Supervision in the Banking Sector has become an industry “must-read” and a platform through which the industry addresses itself on this important topic.  The report is packed with contributions from among our global audience of central bankers, bank regulators and supervisors, international standard-setters and industry leaders.

Our 2019 Compendium featured a contribution from our advisor, Nicholas Christakis, head of the Human Nature Lab at Yale, Co-Director of the Yale Institute for Network Science, and a renowned social scientist and physician.  His research focuses on two types of phenomena: the social, mathematical, and biological rules governing how social networks form (“connection”), and the biological and social implications of how they operate to influence thoughts, feelings, and behaviors (“contagion”).

In his contribution to our 2019 report, Christakis discusses the notion of “Culture as Contagion.”  He explains how dishonesty, proscribed behaviors and fraud may well spread via processes of social contagion like all other observed human behaviors. “People will behave in a risky manner when they perceive that their peers are doing similarly.”  These insights hold practical lessons for those charged with managing non-financial risk in the financial sector.

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