Hong Kong markets show continued resilience, in part due to the focus on risk management at the local exchange. (HKEX)  The role it plays in global capital markets and the city’s position as connector between the East and the West, require a rigorous approach to risk. And good governance and risk management has played a key role in shaping and supporting trust in Hong Kong as an international financial centre. 

The symbiotic relationship between such trust and effective risk governance continues to shape Hong Kong’s future, and has prompted an ecosystemic approach with some focus on the promise of data technologies.  “At HKEX, we believe that collaboration with regulators, market participants, and all of our stakeholders is one of the keys to managing operational risks,”said John Killian Group Risk Officer at HKEX.  “We are also increasingly bringing innovation and technology to bear in helping us assess, calculate, control, and mitigate financial, operational, and market risk.” 

Today, HKEX is finding ways to make risk management a competitive advantage.  Technology solutions that originate from the HKEX Innovation Lab help to ensure that they are able to maintain robustness and resiliency, even amidst current volatility.  In this, the relationship between risk and trust is paramount.  “The better we are at managing risk, the more comfortable investors and market participants are trading on our platforms, and the lower their costs of trading become,” said Killian. 

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