The People Side of Data

Starling sits at the intersection of behavioral science, organizational network analytics, and machine learning. But above all, we’re a people company. We provide data driven insights that allow our customers to create the most efficient, productive and powerful organizations possible, and to transform those held back by culture or conduct related risks.

Networks of Trust
are Networks of Value

Successful enterprises cultivate a sense of belonging and community, foster camaraderie and collaboration, and engage people in a shared mission and a common culture. Trust dynamics are central to such efforts. Starling makes this vital element of organizational success visible and actionable. Because networks of trust are networks of value.

Mapping & Tapping
Networks of Trust

Starling’s Predictive Behavioral Analytics platform illuminates the company behind the charts, enabling leaders to map and manage hidden pathways of value … and risk. Our scalable and frictionless software brings quantitative and data-driven metrics to the qualitative challenge of shaping human behavior — predictably, and in real time.