A piece by The Irish Times explains that too, some, culture sounds soft; like “happy clappy” and “motherhood and apple pie” but it isn’t.

A good internal culture is what makes your business an employer of choice. It impacts customer interaction and builds loyalty. It also lowers the risk, and cost of doing business. So, Improving culture is best for everyone, from the customers to the owners of banks.

Still, trust in Irish banking is low and this issue isn’t unique to Ireland. It’s a global concern. “This is why I would embrace legislation that promotes individual accountability and makes it easier for regulators to fine, reprimand or disqualify senior bankers who create detriment and damage as a result of their poor values and bad decisions. These failures should result in bankers being held to account in a clear and transparent way,” says Francesca McDonagh, group CEO of Bank of Ireland

To be sustainable in the long term, banking has to change. One step in the right direction is enhancing individual accountability.

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