In a speech posted on Thursday, September 5th, the New York Fed highlighted the technological changes that bring both promise and risk to the development of healthy cultures.

On the topic of culutre and misconduct, this speech includes the following statement:

“Data scientists maintain that network analysis of communication patterns among employees may identify or even predict problem areas within an organization.”

The NY Fed has run a series of conferences on reforming culture and behavior in banking, as part of there culture inititive Starling’s own Stephen Scott spoke at one of these events in June 2019. You can find more information about that here.

Starling’s machine learning/AI tools ingest internal company electronic communications metadata and distill patterns from such data that correlate, with predictive reliability, to specific behaviors of management interest or concern. Such behaviors may revolve around personal accountability, or a cultural context that promotes a readiness to speak-up and offer challenge when ethical or conduct problems are evident, etc. Starling’s “predictive behavioral analytics” software platform enables financial institutions to predict when poor behaviors – or the lack of desired conduct – is likely to impact non-financial risk oversight and outcomes for customers and stakeholders.

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