The secret to a happy society — and well functioning organizations — may just be rooted in Trust.

This article in Bloomberg by Megan McArdle explores what makes Denmark and many other countries so happy and cohesive. The author concludes that it is the high levels of trust that people feel in one another and in their government.

Some of the key benefits that flow from this high-trust dynamic include a more collaborative and functioning government system but there are economic benefits as well. She provides a number of examples, including that fewer workers are needed to manage compliance and oversight to enforce rules, allowing workers instead to be deployed in more productive and personally-satisfying ways.

Evidence from companies like Google, gig economy leaders like AirBnB and Lyft, and now from high-trust societies demonstrate the productive power of trust time and time again. High trust drives greater collaboration, engagement, and more efficient deployment of resources. Conversely, low levels of trust tend to drive disaffection, turnover, increased oversight costs, and greater risk of “insider-threats.”

At Starling we’ve built machine learning tools that map and tap these dynamics, in real-time, giving leaders the ability to cultivate and encourage the trust dynamics that allow their organizations to flourish.

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