Starling, an applied behavioral sciences technology company, announced today the appointment of Dr. Mirea Raaijmakers, internationally renowned leader in the supervision of culture and conduct in banking, to its senior advisory board. She joins Rick Ketchum, former CEO of the U.S. Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), and Martin Wheatley, former CEO of the U.K. Financial Conduct Authority and the Hong Kong Securities & Futures Commission.

At the Dutch National Bank (De Nederlandsche Bank, or “DNB”), Dr. Raaijmakers led a team of experts in the development of a means for supervising behavior and culture in the Dutch financial services sector, and led such supervisory efforts. Dr. Raaijmakers also served as principal author and chief editor of Supervision of Behavior and Culture: Foundations, Practice & Future Developments, which outlines the DNB’s supervisory approach in this regard, which is widely considered to have set a global standard.

“We’re delighted to have Mirea join our team,” said Starling founder and CEO Stephen Scott. “Mirea literally wrote the book on how best to assess cultural impact on behavior within financial firms, and one cannot overstate the impact of her thinking on this topic. As an academically trained and practically-minded organizational psychologist, Mirea is incredibly well-placed to support Starling in the building of tools that marry data, AI, and behavioral science, transforming risk and performance management capabilities.”

“It is notable that a behavioral scientist, Richard Thaler, just received the Nobel Prize for demonstrating that economic outcomes are driven by psychological inputs. Behavioral science has tremendous practical insights to offer the financial services industry – far more so than what we’ve been able to put to use thus far,” Dr. Raaijmakers remarked. “Starling’s technology gets to the heart of the matter, producing data-driven, quantitative metrics that reveal real-time insights into qualitative challenges. I firmly believe this will ultimately lead to more effective and sustainable interventions in behavior and culture.”

About Mirea Raaijmakers

Dr. Mirea Raaijmakers is a thought leader and innovator in the financial services industry and the first organizational psychologist to have been appointed by any central bank to lead inspections into behavior and culture in the financial industry. Her core competencies concern the understanding and influencing of the behavior of individuals, groups and organizations, especially during large scale change initiatives.

Dr. Raaijmakers led the supervision of culture and behavior in the Dutch banking sector at the Dutch National Bank (“DNB”). Her work in this regard has been enormously influential among bank regulators globally and, during her time at the DNB, Dr. Raaijmakers worked particularly closely with the European Central Bank, the NY Federal Reserve Bank, and the Australian Prudential Regulatory Authority.

Dr. Raaijmakers recently joined ING in a global role where she is responsible for the further development of the firm’s culture and conduct risk assessment methodologies. (Note: photo attached)

About Starling

Starling is an applied behavioral sciences company using machine learning and network science to build what it calls “augmented management intelligence” tools. Its predictive behavioral analytics technology reveals the performance impact of relational trust dynamics within organizations. Based on this data, Starling’s proprietary algorithms generate actionable insights, displayed through intuitive and customizable dashboards, enabling business leaders to drive improved performance and desired culture – and to identify and mitigate behavior-related risks before they are permitted to cascade into crisis