According to the Financial Times, KPMG has forced out the head of one of its core businesses in Britain after an investigation into his conduct involving messages sent on WhatsApp. This dismissal comes as KPMG is working to restore its reputation following a series of unrelated scandals which also involve various allegations of misconduct.

In a statement, KPMG said: “We hold all of our people to a very high standard and take swift and appropriate action against any individual whose behaviour contravenes the firm’s values. As part of this commitment, we can confirm conduct issues have been raised related to a partner and, following an internal investigation and disciplinary panel, that partner has left the firm. Under our process the partner has appealed.”

Misconduct issues are increasingly prevalent in every industry. Consultancies and advisory firms may expect to receive the same kind of scrutiny regarding their cultures as we’ve seen in the banking sector in recent years. As advisors to others who struggle to address the challenges posed by culture and conduct-related risks, KPMG has an opportunity to demonstrate the value of it’s own capabilities in this regard by first being seen to take their own medicine — with demonstrably successful outcomes.

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