Starling educating the Hong Kong banking industry on use of AI for bank governance and supervision

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Regulators are asking critical questions as the phenomenal pace of advances in RegTech continues. As firms and regulators adopt more AI-based tools, it is clear that more attention will need to be placed on the topic of transparency. This article from the South China Morning Post describes how regulators are focusing on these types of questions as the technology begins to enter the mainstream. As AI-based take on more decisions in the bank, there will be many cases where it will be critical for bankers and regulators to understand how that decision was made.

Starling has long recognized that as AI becomes integrated into Fintech and Regtech applications it will be critical to work closely with regulators to educate and share real world experiences. It is for this reason that Starling has actively cultivated relationships with regulators across the globe.

In the spirit of education, Starling has been invited by the Hong Kong Montetary Authority (HKMA) to speak at a seminar this coming November on the subject of AI applications in Risk Management and Performance Optimisation. Starling’s Founder and CEO, Stephen Scott, will be joined by Mirea Raaijmakers, the Global Head of Behavioral Risk at ING to speak about practical examples of the application of behavioral science and RegTech tools in the context of improving bank governance and supervision.

We hope to see you there!

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A Copernican Revolution in Culture and Conduct Risk Management | Starling

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Starling CEO Stephen Scott along with Starling Advisors Nicholas Christakis, Mirea Raaijmakers, and Martin Wheatly cowrote an article for Thomson Reuters Regulatory Intelligence titled “A Copernican Revolution in Culture and Conduct Risk Management”. The authors argue that traditional means of managing culture and conduct risk rely too much on outdated theories about employees behaving as rational actors. As a result, the mechanisms that firms use tend to rely heavily on a rules-based approach leveraging employee surveys and training as a means to encourage compliance.

In actuality, employees operate in complex environments where group norms and witnessed behavior can easily overwhelm the ‘tone from the top’. In this environment, new tools are required that can make sense of these complex systems and guide managers to more effective interventions.

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Starling named as a top tool for HR executives

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Starling was recognized as one of 5 essential tools of which HR Directors need to be aware. Along with solutions for employee recruitment and benefits management, Starling was cited as a critical tool to “help companies measure and manage employee dynamics and help them build strong workplace relationships.”

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Starling Featured at Milken Institute’s 2018 Global Conference

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Starling Founder and CEO Stephen Scott was featured on a panel at the Milken Institute’s 2018 Global Conference on the subject of “Big Data: The Next Frontier in Risk Management”.

Described by the moderator Starling was joined by executives and founders from other innovative companies that are bringing innovative new technologies to the field of Risk Management. Panelists discussed new opportunities that these technologies offer as well as how they are working to make algorithms more transparent and resistant to biases that can impact outcomes.

More than 4,000 international leaders in business, government, science, philanthropy, academia, arts, and culture attended the 21st Milken Institute Global Conference in Los Angeles earlier this month. The program featured candid conversations about trade, technology, national security and the opioid crisis, among other issues. At the same time, CEOs, philanthropists, investors, innovators, and medical researchers discussed topics ranging from artificial intelligence to blockchain, financial regulations, global markets and breakthroughs in health.

A recording of the panel is available: Big Data: The Next Frontier in Risk Management


MAVA Selects Starling for 20th Edition of TechBUZZ

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Starling is proud to be one of 10 startups selected to present at the 20th edition of the Mid-Atlantic Venture Association’s TechBUZZ conference. The event will feature the hottest up-and-coming technology companies from up and down the East Coast. “MAVA piloted its TechBUZZ program in 2010 as a response to the pull-back in capital deployment post-recession. Our Board saw the need to support the earliest of market-ready and backable innovative companies hitting the market, and at that time there was no regional platform these companies could to turn to for this type of support,” said Julia Spicer, Executive Director of MAVA. Firms were selected based on their innovative technology and approach to solving critical problems.

Each company will describe their respective business, vision, and product or service within a tightly-timed, four- to five- minute window. The event will take place on June 6th from 1:00 – 7:30pm at Oath’s Serriff Auditorium in Dulles, Virginia.

About TechBUZZ and MAVA: Piloted in Baltimore in 2010, TechBUZZ is hosted by the Mid-Atlantic Venture Association (MAVA), an independent, member-owned organization representing the full spectrum of private equity, corporate strategic, industry and venture capital investment interests across the Mid-Atlantic, nationally, and internationally. As a member-owned organization, MAVA brings together capital sources, entrepreneurs, C-Level executives, company builders, and world-class professional partners to encourage the thoughtful exchange of ideas; foster solid business relationships; and provide information on industry trends to help companies gain competitive advantage.

The Press Release is Available: MAVA to Celebrate its 20th Edition of TechBUZZ

For information and registration details please visit: TechBUZZ Summer 2018