Edelman has just released the results of its annual Trust Barometer and the results show that trust in the U.S. has suffered the largest-ever-recorded drop in the survey’s history among the general population. This continues a multi-year trend which has accelerated even absent an external shock like the Fukushima nuclear disaster and despite a strong economy. A loss of faith in government had the biggest impact but declines were felt across the board including the media, business, and NGOs.

Interestingly, as faith in institutions have declined across the board, trust in one’s own company remains relatively strong. In fact, CEO credibility, after falling steadily for years, has experienced a sharp rise to 44 percent. Nearly two-thirds of respondents say they want CEOs to take the lead on policy change instead of waiting for government, which now ranks significantly below business in trust in 20 markets.

For company leaders, this means that employees and other stakeholders will be paying close attention to their leaders. In fact, 69 percent of respondents say that building trust should be the CEO’s number one priority – even higher than producing high-quality products and services (68 percent) or generating profits (60 percent).

Building trust starts internally with employees. Starling’s Augmented Management platform provides the metrics and management tools that executives can use to measure and manage Trust in their organizations.

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